Fleas can transmit infectious diseases from one host to another and are historically known as carriers of the plague. However, today fleas are better known as pests and for the irritation they cause.

The flea pupa can stay alive for up to 2 years before hatching out. The trigger seems to be vibration. A room can be empty for several months, but walking across the floorboards can cause enough disturbance that a host of fleas will be rampant within minutes. If anything in the vicinity is at the same temperature as blood, the fleas are rapidly attracted to it - you, the dog, the cat, or anything else which may be a source of food. When fleas have not fed for some time they are likely to be less specific about their choice of host and this may involve having a human blood meal.

Having fed, they are then able to lay an egg. They can repeat this process up to once every half hour when at their peak, and can lay more than 300 eggs in a lifetime and these move into the surrounding areas. The whole cycle in good Summer weather or a well heated home can be less than 4 weeks.

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