Pre & Post Treatment Information

Pre spray information for interior spray treatments

  • Cover all bedding
  • Put all food items away
  • Put all kitchen utensils away
  • Put all tooth brushes and toiletries away
  • Remove all toilet rolls
  • Close all windows and lock cat flaps
  • Organise for pets to be removed (cover fish tanks and turn off filters)
  • Clothing/laundry put away
  • Flip computer keyboards over & close laptops
  • Leave property unoccupied for at least 4 hours after treatment
  • Notify all family members and anyone with access to your property not to enter during this time
  • Remove all pet bowls
  • Exterior treatments - no washing on clothes lines, remove children's toys and pet bowls

Post spray

  • Upon returning to your property open windows and ventilate
  • Wash down all kitchen work surfaces and wash cloth after use
  • Remove and wash all cover sheets
  • Wash hands

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